Frozen hot chocolate 😋🍦🍫 (at Serendipity 3)

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Because I know this one will always have my back 💕 (at Drai’s Beach Club Nightclub)

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LITERALLY the most turnt in the pool today 😂 Love my team! #EBC #Diplo #Usher #EncoreBeachClub #vegas (at Encore Beach Club)

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Okaaaaaay buuuuuut Usher appearing at Diplo’s set??!?? 😭🙏 (at Encore Beach Club)

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Hustling for day cabana lyfe 😂 #learnedfromthepro LOL (at Encore Beach Club)

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It has begun. (at Ceasar’s Palace)

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Ah 😌✨ Lord knows I need to keep this on repeat to lower my blood pressure from that Charger game. #SouledOut #JhenéAiko

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The drunk bar bathroom selfie ✨ #johnjohnturns21 (at Bar West)

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I love my brotha 👫 Happiest of birthdays 😁 @fakahenry!! #partybus #haventseenonesinceHS #pb #disaster LOL

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My little 👸💕

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